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Your employees are some of your best brand ambassadors.
So why not use their social powers to push your brand on a professional network like LinkedIn?


 Stand out and lead the industry!


What's the LinkedIn Leadership Edge Enterprise?

The LinkedIn Leadership Edge - Enterprise Program is designed to elevate the online presence of corporate teams, specifically senior leaders, through strategic LinkedIn optimizations. This comprehensive program ensures a unified, professional brand image, enhancing visibility and establishing corporate executives as industry thought leaders.

You'll learn about key features about LinkedIn, but more importantly how to strategize your efforts on LinkedIn. 3 pillars (goals) AND the specific strategies to achieve/master each goal. So many strategies

Today I felt blessed by your genius. I appreciate your candor, receipts, and storytelling. Today's session gave me tangible ways I can reinvest my business. Thank you so much!!!! You are amazing! But you know that already!

The session was eye-opening and relevant to where  I want to go. It made me realize there was a critical component I was missing in my business.

8 out 10 of people on LinkedIn check your profile before interacting with you and they're skipping past your profile instead of hitting that message button.
Why? Alright, let's get real here....

Your cover image... it's about as thrilling as watching paint dry. We want the real you to shine through, not some generic stock photo.


Your About section? It's not exactly screaming your brilliance. We know you're amazing, but your profile needs to reflect that.

Now, your Headline.... Let's be honest, it's blending into the background like everyone else's. Time to stand out, don't you think?


And probably most of your LinkedIn sections are well......BLANK!

But hey, no need to sweat it, we're here to assist! With our proven methods, we've transformed hundreds of LinkedIn profiles, steering career professionals towards their dream jobs, securing lucrative contracts for business owners, and bolstering organizations' brand presence.

What You'll Get

We don't just fill the blanks on your profile, we make it sparkle with your zone of genius, so you shine like the leader you truly are!

Profile Audits to Identify Brand Gaps:

Tailored analysis of each leader's LinkedIn profile to identify and address inconsistencies and areas lacking in alignment with the corporate brand.

Group Training on the Importance of LinkedIn

Educates leadership teams on the strategic importance of LinkedIn for business growth, networking, and personal branding.


Customized Profile Optimization

Personalized enhancements to each leader’s profile to improve visibility and impact, including professional summaries, experience listings, and skills.

  • Craft a captivating Cover Image.

  • Optimize your Headline and Summary for maximum impact.

  • Curate a compelling Featured Section.

  • Conduct thorough Keyword Optimization to enhance visibility and relevance.

Your LinkedIn Profile Final Score(2).png

Brand Templates to Use Going Forward

Provides a standard framework for all executive profiles to maintain consistency in branding and messaging across the board

Your LinkedIn Profile Final Score(8).png

Who Benefits Most?


Corporations and Organizations

Corporations and organizations aiming to enhance their company's digital footprint on LinkedIn.

Senior executives and leaders who need to boost their professional visibility for networking and hiring.

Activate Employee Engagement

Laughing During a Meeting

When employees post about their authentic experiences about your company, the benefits expand beyond brand awareness. With employees sharing company news to their networks, it extends the sales team network and leads, generates buzz and impressions for your marketing team, increases earned media for your PR team and builds trust with talent prospects for your recruiting team.

Program Benefits

Visibility Boost for Hiring

Optimizes leader profiles to attract top talent, reflecting the organization's culture and opportunities through well-crafted job descriptions and achievements.

Cohesive, Branded Online Presence

Unifies the visual and textual elements of profiles across the team to present a cohesive brand image to viewers.

Uniformity Among Senior Leaders

Ensures all senior leaders' profiles adhere to the same high standards and branding guidelines, promoting a unified leadership front.

Company Executives as Industry Thought Leaders

Positions your executives as authoritative voices in their respective fields by highlighting their insights, publications, and contributions.

Meet Our CEO

Adriane Simpson is the CEO and founder of The LinkedIn Pros, a LinkedIn strategy and transition agency for executives and entrepreneurs who want to transition to more revenue and more income. 


She’s an expert at helping business owners position their brands for greater and helping professional clients secure their next high-paying role.

 Over the past four years, she has coached her clients in attaining over $3 million—and counting—in total salary, compensation, income and revenue increases.

Recognized for building relationships that transform into long-term partnerships, Adriane Simpson is known as the “Queen of the Warm Handshake” for her ability to help clients define and cultivate their digital brand, while growing their profit through referrals and relationships. 

Coaching and empowering clients to own their successes while leaping over imposter syndrome is her superpower!


Adriane has officially been on LinkedIn since 2009, learning and leveraging strategy that she’s preparing to teach you. 


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