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Premium Coaching

"You helped me land a raise and a $500K total compensation package!!!!"

- Delanda Coleman

 I was laid off as a result of the pandemic at the end of June.  I was struggling with how to move forward so I contacted Adriane and decided to sign with her.  She coached me, re-wrote my resume, updated my LinkedIn and gave me invaluable tools to land my next professional opportunity.  I fully embraced her program and am so happy to report today that I got an offer from the company I wanted for the position I wanted at a $20K increase from my prior position.  To say I am happy and excited is an understatement!  I am so happy that I made the investment in myself and my future and worked with Adriane!  It was a game changer for me!  My 2020 has officially been saved!”​

 - Pam Lee

Executive Professional

I fully embraced her program - I treated my job search like a job as Adriane coached me. I interviewed a bit and talked through each one before and after them with Adriane. I kept going - finally I got a GREAT HIT! I landed an Amazing job and started on November 1st!! I and am so happy to report today that I’m still enjoying the position and the increased salary - which was a HUGE jump from my previous salary!!

- Brandi Armstrong

Testimonial for your stellar work!


As someone who has used resume writing services in the past, I have always been skeptical of their effectiveness when job hunting. But as I entered into a new chapter of my career with a cross-country move and lots of uncertainty, my wife referred me to the services of The LinkedIn Pros and Adriane Simpson.

Unlike typical business services such as this, the LinkedIn Pros do not bill themselves as a simple resume writing service but a professional development service and the difference is striking. From the first phone call, Adriane took the time to learn more about who I am, what I do, and where I wanted to go. This evolved into a deep dive of my career goals and the opportunities available to me, which came neatly packaged in an informative toolkit complete with a resume, job tracking templates, interview prep, and more! But the most important thing that Adriane brought to the table was something I didn't expect -- professional awareness.

I consider myself to be a decently-skilled professional with a long career in project management and technology, but I have always suffered from imposter syndrome, which has inadvertently hampered my career. But Adriane gave me a stronger awareness of my professional strengths and the confidence to lead with them. As important as the hard content is, the most important thing Adriane gave me was a greater understanding of my professional value and being unafraid to ask for it. And if you're wondering if all this works, the answer is yes!

 - Mohamed Wright

I am a happy customer of The LinkedIn Pros. I appreciate Adriane's support and helping me update my resume. I wasn't in the job market. I just wanted to freshen up my resume just in case. And as God would have it in updating my resume and my profile on LinkedIn, I was able to land the position, increase my salary by approximately 1/3 and really make a splash in a related industry. Again, I wasn't looking for an opportunity, the opportunity found me and that opportunity found me due in part to me freshening up my profile. So I really appreciate the support and expertise of The LinkedIn Pros and think anyone who is interested in making a splash and updating their career should look into partnering with The LinkedIn Pros to raise their profile. Thank you.

 - Joel J.

Small Business

I’ve been seeing the amount of activity taking place on the page which has been amazing. I just went back and messaged those that responded with a message to arrange a meeting over a cup of tea. As you mentioned before I would send out a blend of their choosing ahead of the meeting. I’ve landed a few meetings a few weeks ago...Thank you again Adriane! You have changed the entire energy of our LinkedIn profile!!!

It’s been a long time since we spoke but I wanted to acknowledge the amazing job that you’ve been doing on our LinkedIn pages! You have completely turned the energy around on the pages. I have a few ppl that have expressed interest in your service that I’ve given your email to.

- Jermail Shelton: Just Add Honey

I am a health and fitness coach. I reached out to Adriane and her team at The LinkedIn Pros because traditionally I had been working with just one on one clients who have done group coaching, but I was really focused on the B2C side. I've decided to expand my offerings to the B2B side, but I knew that in order to do that, I needed more help with LinkedIn. I am like a lot of people who've had a LinkedIn profile for a number of years, but I had not taken advantage of it. I wasn't comfortable with it. So I reached out to Adriane and her team to walk me through it.


They were so amazing at showing me all of the things that could be done with it. I didn't know all of the features that LinkedIn had. But they were very instrumental in helping me find my voice in the B2B side and making sure that I was promoting myself in the best way that I should, putting my best foot forward. So they completely upgraded my profile and they also did an amazing job of curating a list of leads that could use my services or I can even partner with. So I know that if I had not reached out to them, I would not have made all of the connections that I've made so far, and even the ones where maybe a partnership financially didn't come out of it, I was able to be brought into rooms, different networking rooms, so that I can meet different people who could put me in the right place. So I am so grateful to Adriane and her team. I am very, very pleased. Thanks so much Adriane and the team!

-Krystal Taylor: Fitness Is Not A Game

One of the best investments that I made for my business! First, my goal was to be able to attract other businesses to do business with. So they went in, they did an entire makeover on my profile. They also curated content, so I can make sure that I'm attracting those particular clients. Secondly, I was really impressed with the leads that I received. So these leads would have taken me months to compile and it had all their contact info. So that's been really useful to increase our sales. Thirdly, they initiated messages in my DM. So for me, I was always uncomfortable and not really sure how to initiate these conversations with people that I want to do business with and so to have that template and have them going in on my behalf to spark those conversations has been amazing.


Lastly, I would say I was really impressed with the touch points that I received during the service. I received multiple emails following up to make sure that I didn't need any help with anything or if I was struggling with something. Also, I always looked forward to those zoom calls with Adriane. And not only was it just about making sure that I was, you know, happy with the service, but it was also to make sure that I had accountability with making sure that I was actually continuing to send and research those leads that I was receiving. Also, I felt like it was a partnership. I wasn't just a customer.


They really wanted me to succeed. So if you haven't invested in The LinkedIn Pros, you really should do it for your business. What are you waiting for?

- Pongee Barnes: Little Owners

Really, what are you waiting for? 
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