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Adriane Simpson CEO and founder

Who We Are

Adriane Simpson is the CEO and founder of The LinkedIn Pros, a LinkedIn strategy and transition agency for executives and entrepreneurs who want to transition to more revenue and more income. She’s an expert at helping business owners position their brands for greater and helping professional clients secure their next high-paying role.


Recognized for building relationships that transform into long-term partnerships, Adriane Simpson is known as the “Queen of the Warm Handshake” for her ability to help clients define and cultivate their digital brand, while growing their profit through referrals and relationships. Adriane gained extensive experience in Strategy, IT, Operations Process Management and Program Management while working for Fortune 500 companies and now leverages that experience as a consultant, executive career coach, and trainer. Her clients have amassed over $2M+ (and counting) in salary increases and total compensation packages over the last 3 years.


Coaching and empowering clients to own their successes while leaping over imposter syndrome is her superpower!

Women Collaborating at Work

"I just wanted you to know I'm actively connecting with several prospects for a new role. In fact, I just turned down one offer today - it just wasn't the best fit for me. I know the profile and support Adriane provided was essential in all this new activity."


Genice Daniels, Executive Professional

We want to empower people with the knowledge and strategy to chart their own course, grow their business, and move forward on their career journey.

What Drives Us

Our 4-Step Mission

Our Ideal 


Are you struggling to find the bandwidth to develop and position your brand for greater? Looking to define and articulate your brand on LinkedIn, so you can start leveraging it more effectively for business growth and revenue generation. What if I told you we can develop a winning LinkedIn brand strategy for you! As a small business, your LinkedIn Page is an opportunity to level the playing field. Being creative, thoughtful, and purposeful in crafting this key piece of your digital brand, will allow you to outshine larger companies and competitors on LinkedIn! 



Have you been struggling to discover the strategy to chart your own course and move forward on your career journey? Are you looking to secure your next high-paying role, or are you feeling stagnant at your current job? If yes, then The LinkedIn Pros are here to help. Whether you're looking to generate more income, get a promotion, or simply figure out what the next step should be, we can support you. It’s time to position yourself as the subject matter expert in your field on LinkedIn and secure more income.


The LinkedIn Pros will partner with you to help provide support to your underserved and diverse employees in developing their brand voice to ascend the corporate ladder. 


We understand the unique challenges and responsibilities you face in serving the public. That's why we're dedicated to being your strategic partner in driving meaningful change and achieving your mission objectives. With our proven track record in delivering tailored solutions for government entities, including leadership coaching, management consulting, professional development, workforce development, and expertise in AI solutions, we stand ready to support your agency's goals. Whether you're navigating organizational transformations, enhancing workforce capabilities, or leveraging data analytics for informed decision-making, we're here to provide the expertise and guidance you need to succeed. Partner with us to unlock new opportunities, drive efficiency, and deliver impactful results that benefit your constituents and stakeholders alike.

Ready to Kickstart Your Journey?

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