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Helping you leverage LinkedIn to

grow your business, increase your revenue

and accelerate your career.

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Adriane Simpson

Over $2M+ (and counting) in salary increases and total compensation packages and increased revenue for our clients over the last 3 years.


Are you struggling to find the bandwidth to develop and position your brand for greater?

Looking to define and articulate your brand on LinkedIn, so you can start leveraging it more effectively for business growth and revenue generation?


What if I told you we can develop a winning LinkedIn brand strategy for you!


Being creative, thoughtful, and purposeful in crafting this key piece of your digital brand, will allow you to outshine larger companies and competitors on LinkedIn! 

Online Shop Owner

As a small business, your

LinkedIn Page is an opportunity to  level the playing field.


Have you been struggling to discover the strategy to chart your own course and move forward on your career journey?


Are you looking to secure your next high-paying role, or are you feeling stagnant at your current job? If yes, then The LinkedIn Pros are here to help. Whether you're looking to generate more income, get a promotion, or simply figure out what the next step should be, we can support you.


It’s time to position yourself as the subject matter expert in your field on LinkedIn and secure more income.

Business Conference

It’s time to  position yourself as the subject matter expert in your field on LinkedIn and secure more income.

A Young Man Writing

If you know you deserve better opportunities and are ready to increase your income or business revenue, we need to talk! 

The goal is client success

“In less than 2 weeks of the completion of our engagement, I secured 2 interviews and have seen a significant increase in my profile views. In less than 1 month, I was promoted to a Director role! The process works”

Shannon M, Executive Professional

Adriane Simpson Standing

Hey, I'm Adriane

I’ve been laid off four different times while working in corporate America, but those layoffs helped to fuel my passion for helping executives navigate the often-bumpy waters of working for someone else, and how to leverage strategy to increase your professional Brand Positioning.

​I realized I needed to be in control of my career trajectory and how I moved forward. That if I continued to position and reposition myself and my professional brand, it wouldn’t matter if someone laid me off or not – I would thrive! 


My battle-tested processes have helped many people navigate the barriers that prevent them from moving forward in their careers and give entrepreneurs the tools they need to grow and scale their businesses.

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