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Public Speaking. Coaching. Digital Branding.

Adriane empowers organizations to achieve career growth, employee engagement and retention, through a strategic focus on skill-building, mindset development, and brand enhancement. She also leads the development of LinkedIn strategies for professional organizations, equipping members with the necessary tools to achieve success on the platform.

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Companies value working with Adriane for her passion and expertise

Empower People.
Position for Greater.
Support Authenticity.
Pay It Forward.


Our mission is  simple and impactful:

Adriane's Impact:    

Empowering Through Speaking:

For Corporations and Professional Organizations

Adriane brings a refreshing approach to corporate speaking, offering tailored solutions that empower businesses with practical strategies and actionable insights. With a keen focus on strategic leadership, professional development, and cultivating a collaborative work environment, Adriane inspires corporate audiences to navigate change, drive growth, and excel in today's dynamic business landscape. Moreover, Adriane's engaging workshops and dynamic keynotes not only increase engagement and boost productivity but also nurture talent within organizations. By providing practical advice and inspiring teams to collaborate effectively, Adriane helps employees enhance their skills, contribute meaningfully, and advance within the organization, ultimately driving success and growth for all involved.

For Businesses

Through years of Adriane's expertise and authoritative insight, tailored solutions are offered to address the specific needs of the audience. With Adriane's dynamic speaking style and interactive approach, audiences are captivated, leaving them with practical takeaways and actionable strategies. Adriane's presentations inspire and motivate, instilling a renewed sense of confidence and enthusiasm in attendees. As a recognized thought leader, Adriane brings innovative ideas and forward-thinking perspectives to the table, delivering tangible ROI and measurable results. Committed to fostering long-term partnerships, Adriane provides ongoing support and guidance, ensuring continued success beyond the stage.


  • Developing Your Leadership Potential

  • The LinkedIn Lounge

  • Professional Brand Management

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

  • Black Women In Technology

  • Charting Your Professional Path

  • The Power of 15 Minutes (Building Relationships)

  • Interviewing Techniques that Deliver Value

  • Leadership Development

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Programs delivered  in person or virtually for your organization.



  • Positioning Yourself as an Authority in Your Industry

  • Strategic Selling: Advanced LinkedIn Sales Strategies

  •  Leveraging LinkedIn to Amplify Your Brand's Reach

  • Maximizing Your Connections on LinkedIn for Business Growth

  • Proven Strategies to Generate High-Quality Leads on LinkedIn

  • Get Corporate Contracts

  • LinkedIn Brand Mastery

  • Creating Offers That Resonate with Your Target Audience

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Adriane's expertise lies in teaching how to effectively position your brand for greater to attract valuable clients, exciting job opportunities, and game-changing contracts

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Adriane Simpson is a LinkedIn strategist and executive leadership coach who is on a mission to help professionals and entrepreneurs reach and exceed their full potential. She teaches and trains groups on how to grow their brand presence and influence through professional development training and coaching, and by leveraging the power of relationship building. 

The goal is
client success

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Adriane Simpson Standing

Hey, I'm Adriane

I’ve been laid off four different times while working in corporate America, but those layoffs helped to fuel my passion for helping executives navigate the often-bumpy waters of working for someone else, and how to leverage strategy to increase your professional Brand Positioning.

​I realized I needed to be in control of my career trajectory and how I moved forward. That if I continued to position and reposition myself and my professional brand, it wouldn’t matter if someone laid me off or not – I would thrive! 


My battle-tested processes have helped many people navigate the barriers that prevent them from moving forward in their careers and give entrepreneurs the tools they need to grow and scale their businesses.

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