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Paper Craft
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Dive into Our Virtual Intensive: Hone Your Skills, Pinpoint Your Perfect Clients, and Dominate the LinkedIn Scene!

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Craft Your Irresistible Offer and Zero In On Your Ideal Clients!


March 14, 2024 @ 6 PM ET

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The ultimate group sales training program for entrepreneurs looking to land 5 and 6 figure contracts!

This Intensive is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to attract, uncover and land big contracts.


The Sales Leadership Launchpad offers a unique blend of interactive group training and personalized guidance to help you master the art of selling on LinkedIn.


Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your business, this program will give you the tools and strategies you need to succeed.

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Listen, we're diving into the nitty-gritty of landing those high-paying clients, snatching up bigger contracts, and seizing large opportunities. This Sales Leadership Launchpad? It's your roadmap to bulking up that bank account.

🔑 LinkedIn branding got you scratching your head? I'm here to show you how to transform your profile into a money magnet with top-notch practices.

🔑 Got a bunch of LinkedIn connections just sitting there? Discover how to turn them into revenue with your personalized Sales Funnel.


🔑 Sales making your head spin? My Sales Leadership Launchpad Framework (Hunt. Attract. Connect. Pitch. Close) will be your guiding star.


🔑 Plus, we've got something special in store: We're going to break down what an offer should look like, so your pitches are not just effective but authentic.


🔑 Struggling to make those corporate connections? I'll equip you with the right language to bridge that gap.

But wait, there's more! We won't throw you in the deep end. We've got an onboarding call to get you prepped and primed, so you're ready to hit the ground running when the training kicks off.

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This bootcamp training is for you if...

🫵You know you need to have a bigger presence on LinkedIn, but don’t know where or how to start.


🫵You think your product or service doesn’t have a place on LinkedIn, but you want larger contracts. 


🫵You’re intimidated by the platform, but still want to shoot your shot at bigger contracts.


🫵You’re ready to try something new because Facebook and IG ain’t it!

This sales training is not for you if...

🙅‍♀️You’re already landing multiple 5-figure contracts on LinkedIn on a regular basis.


🙅‍♀️You already have a pipeline full of leads and are crushing your monthly sales goals!


🙅‍♀️You’ve made your revenue quota and don’t need any more money for the month.

If you...

✅ Want to grow your business beyond the kitchen table


✅ Want to be taken seriously in your industry

✅ Want to make enough money to retire your 9 to 5

✅ Want to make the money you need to hire more staff and grow your current phase

✅ Want to get in front of corporate decision-makers

✅ Want to land 5 and 6-figure business deals


Paper Craft

Here's What You'll Get!

✅ In this power-packed virtual Intensive, immerse yourself in live sessions focusing on:

  • B2B Offer Development

  • Offer Positioning for Corporate Clients

  • Large Contract Strategy

  • Target Avatar Development

  • Best Practices on Growing Your Brand on LinkedIn, including recommendations for improvement

  • Specifics on how to create your own personalized Sales Funnel to convert your LinkedIn Connections into Cash

  • Training on my proprietary Sales Leadership Launchpad Framework  (Hunt. Attract. Connect. Pitch. Close) for guidance through the sales process

  • Playbook to capture strategies and next steps

  • Deep Dive into the Hunt Exercise to find the key stakeholders at your target client companies

  • Tools to Identify and segment your leads

  • Dashboard management 

  • Ways to position yourself as an Expert in your industry

  • Relationship Building Strategy

 🚀As a bonus for signing up before the deadline, you get the LinkedIn Launchpad – 7 modules and 5 bonus modules of hyper focused recorded training to guide you through the maze of LinkedIn.


  • Module 1: LinkedIn Basics: Cracking the Code

  • Module 2: Profile Power Play: Crafting a Commanding Presence

  • Module 3: Mindset Makeover: Lead Like a CEO on LinkedIn

  • Module 4: Connect & Convert: Winning Clients on LinkedIn

  • Module 5: Lead Generation

  • Module 6: Team Builder's Blueprint: Expand with LinkedIn

  • Module 7: Premium Power: Unlocking LinkedIn’s Elite Tools

  • Bonus module: LinkedIn Launchpad: 30-Minute Strategy Kickstart

  • Bonus module: B2B Pitch Perfection: Securing Big Deals on LinkedIn

  • Bonus module: Sales Navigator Mastery: Precision Outreach on LinkedIn

  • Bonus module: The Art of Social Selling: Influence & Engage on LinkedIn

  • Bonus module: LinkedIn Action Workshop: Implement & Excel

Accountability and Support Highlights:

  • Two bonus Q&A sessions to deepen your understanding.

  • Intensive Hot Seat Experience: Engage in the hot seat during our intensive sessions.

  • Proactive Accountability: Throughout the 1st quarter of 2024, we serve as your accountability partners, ensuring you follow through with the implementation of your learnings.

Best Value!

Payable in 3 equal installments of $832.33

One-Time Payment

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Adriane Simpson

Adriane Simpson is the CEO and founder of The LinkedIn Pros, a LinkedIn strategy and transition agency for executives and entrepreneurs who want to transition to more revenue and more income. 


She’s an expert at helping business owners position their brands for greater and helping professional clients secure their next high-paying role.

Recognized for building relationships that transform into long-term partnerships, Adriane Simpson is known as the “Queen of the Warm Handshake” for her ability to help clients define and cultivate their digital brand, while growing their profit through referrals and relationships. 

Coaching and empowering clients to own their successes while leaping over imposter syndrome is her superpower!


Adriane has officially been on LinkedIn since 2009, learning and leveraging strategy that she’s preparing to teach you. Grab 2 of your business besties and register now before the spots are filled up!

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