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Grow Your Network, Make Long-Lasting Business Friendships and Learn how to Close Corporate Contracts
in a fun, no-stress environment!

Introverts (and Extroverts) Welcome!!

 ? Frustrated because you want to Make Money on LinkedIn but don’t know how to get started? 

Or, you’ve been treating LinkedIn as an afterthought when larger contracts and speaking engagements are really what you want to do next?

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Like so many business owners selling services, you probably thought the hardest part of business ownership was creating the services you’re selling. 

You’ve seen all the statistics that say LinkedIn is the biggest B2B social media platform, but you don’t know how to find your clients, or attract the bigger fish in the pond.

​What’s the secret sauce to connect with them, and keep them engaged once you do? You struggle to generate enough of the right leads to give you the type of consistent sales you need to be successful. Your problem isn’t selling. It’s that you’re not getting in front of the right people to sell more of what they need.

So many entrepreneurs have bought into the fallacy that if they run enough Facebook ads, or hold enough webinars, they’ll get all the leads they need to sell their high-ticket services. They’ve been fed the myth that likes on their page somehow translate into dollars. They expect their Facebook leads to happily follow them wherever they lead them off the platform. That theory works fine for single product purchases and small-ticket digital services that they can buy while scrolling through the latest viral video challenge. But it makes more sense to focus your energy on getting in front of the clients who are ready and eager to pay you what you deserve to be paid for the knowledge you have!  






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Imagine being able to follow the strategy playbook that has helped other business owners take the leap from the Facebook ocean of random prospects, to the LinkedIn pool of highly qualified, business-centric leads who are looking for businesses that do what you do. 



Giving the client what they want, instead of wasting time trying to convince them they need what you’re selling. Imagine being able to have peace of mind about how your business is showing up on LinkedIn because you’ve made the updates, you’ve optimized your profile for high visibility and you’re seeing the results in your inbox!

Introducing your business services to the 800 million revenue-focused leads who are on the only social media platform dedicated to business relationships and success!

Making deeper connections and generating more sales quicker because you have the strategy playbook with the keys to success outlined for your business!

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Who Is This Strategy For?

Service based business owners who want to expand their business offers to larger organizations and have a plan to do it – they just need help getting started on LinkedIn

Product based businesses who are overdue on dipping their toe in the wholesale or corporate selling market and ready to take the plunge for more revenue and more sales


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How Does

The program work?

You’ll get:

1-hour of focused strategy time with me as we dive into your business to better understand who you are and what you do

Goal setting to provide a blueprint for what you want to accomplish on LinkedIn

A Plan of Action for you to implement after our session, or next steps on how my team can implement for you

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If all you had to do to 10X your revenue was to implement a customized LinkedIn strategy that was designed with your perfect clients in mind, then close the sale with exactly what your client needs, would the Profile to Profit strategy be worth it to you?

You’re riding the inconsistent income wave because each month yields a different income surprise, and not the good kind.

You want to hire more people on your team so you can grow your business, but your revenue is unpredictable, so you don’t want to take the risk in case you don’t have enough money to meet payroll.

You started your company to be your own boss, but you’re working so many hours that your company has turned into a dead-end job.

​You’re sick and tired and frustrated at not being able to relax and enjoy time off with family and friends because you’re always working and can’t afford to take time away from your business.

​You’re ready to add an extra 5-6 figures of revenue to your monthly income, while cutting your work time significantly.

​You’re ready to stop hearing No’s and start getting Yes’s!

​You’re ready to deliver your perfect pitch to your perfect client and have them pay you the value you deserve.



Does this sound like you? 







If so, the Profile to Profit strategy program was designed specifically for you.

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Jermail Shelton, Co-owner Just Add Honey Tea Company

“Working with Mrs. Simpson was an absolute breeze. She helped us to create a strategy based off what our end results were, what we wanted to aspire to as our end results, and we absolutely hit all of those goals. Now we are working with over 30 clients specifically through the strategic plan that Mrs. Simpson laid out for us and we have several more inside the pipeline. If you are a small business or individual that's looking to further engage your LinkedIn profile and get new clients, I absolutely recommend the LinkedIn Pros Services.” 


The Profile to Profit Program Is Perfect for You if You’re…

Tired of throwing money down the Facebook Ads rabbit hole

Struggling to consistently generate high quality leads that turn into valuable contracts

Ready to implement a better, more direct digital marketing process to grow your business 

​Committed to pivoting from just a profile to more profits

This offer is only available for the next 72 hours at a limited time price of only $697 for this 1:1 strategy call. After this training, the strategy call goes up to $997. Act now!

The Warm Handshake is more than a networking event. It's the best way for you to meet great people who have the same success mindset that you do. It's where you will meet your next JV partner with the skills to get you through the proposal process and get the contract! 

A lot of people mistakenly believe that the amount of revenue they have 
is the amount of revenue they’re supposed to make, so they never look for support 
to get the help they need, to get to the next level of success.

It’s time to stop struggling to get new business. 

Or if you’re not struggling, it’s definitely time to get more of the higher dollar sales 
and contracts your business, and your wallet deserve. It’s time to start engaging 
with your ideal client everyday so when the opportunity arises, you know exactly 
what to say to win their business. Imagine waking up to a message in your inbox with 
an inquiry from the perfect client, waiting for you to connect with them and sell them 
what they need. It’s time to walk into your destiny. Give yourself permission to succeed!

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