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REAL TALK: Virtual High Fives Won't Boost Your Revenue...

Join us on February 27th (7pm ET), and I'll teach you how to


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This isn't just another boring lecture on "networking"...

Are you tired of missing out on the lucrative opportunities that corporate clients can bring to your business? Do you wish your LinkedIn connections could lead to more than just virtual high-fives? Then buckle up, because we're about to show you how to turn those connections into cold, hard cash!
This is not a boring lecture about “networking” but a practical, actionable training that works time and time again!
Discover the secrets to secure those 5 and 6-figure contracts and be prepared to bag more of the large corporate clients your business (and bank account) has been looking for!  Walk away from this FREE ONLINE TRAINING ready and confident you can apply our strategies to win more clients and grow your business.


The Problem Isn't You; It's Your Approach!

Can you relate to any of these?


❌ "Selling feels like running a marathon uphill."


❌ "I don't have a sales background, so it's like swimming with the sharks."


❌ "How the heck do I use LinkedIn to actually make money?"


❌ "I don't want to be that annoying salesperson."


❌ "Talking to corporate bigwigs? Yikes!"

You're handcuffing yourself with these self-limiting beliefs. But what if I told you there's a way to break free?

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Why Settle for Basic When You Can Go VIP?

General Admission


✅ Access to the Live Training via Zoom

✅ Access to the Live Training via Zoom

✅ VIP Kit: Guided Workbook for capturing valuable notes. Plus, we've loaded it with Profile Recommendations, Content Strategy, and LinkedIn Introduction Message Template and more!

✅ Exclusive 1-hour post-training Q&A Session with Adriane




Are You...

Struggling to grow your business and generate significant revenue

Feeling stuck in your current business model and unable to break through to the next level


Frustrated with the limitations of your current client base and looking to expand your reach

Unable to secure lucrative corporate clients and missing out on potential revenue

Lacking the knowledge and strategies to effectively target and win over corporate clients

Intimidated by the corporate client market and unsure of how to navigate it

Frustrated with the time and effort you're putting into your business without seeing the desired results

Overwhelmed by the competition and unsure of how to differentiate yourself and stand out in the market

Struggling to turn your LinkedIn connections into meaningful business opportunities

Ready to take your business to the next level but unsure of how to get there?


Let's change that narrative, shall we?

What’s In It For You?


✅ Escape the 9 to 5 grind forever


✅ Grow from a 'one-man-show' to a full ensemble

✅ Crack the code to gain face time with decision-makers

✅ Secure contracts that actually make your bank account happy

AHA Moments That Will Transform Your LinkedIn Game!

We've helped entrepreneurs overcome their selling anxiety and become LinkedIn legends. But hey, don't just take our word for it. Take a gander at some of the jaw-dropping AHA moments our previous attendees had.

What You’ll Walk Away With


Hunt Down the Right Decision Makers

The core problem is reaching the right people.

No more wasting valuable time and resources on sending service information and arranging meetings to discuss your proposal, only to hear the same reply:

"I discussed it with my boss, and it's a no-go."

I will guide you through the top strategy to connect with decision makers

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Authenticity and Thought Leadership

Imagine your ideal client clicking on your profile, only to find it dull and uninspiring, you don't come across as an "expert." 

Here's the game-changer:
 In this training, you'll learn how to transform your LinkedIn presence into a beacon of authenticity and authority in your industry.


Leverage Social Selling to Reach Decision Makers

Do you ever find yourself saying, "I don't know anyone in this industry"?

Well, let me assure you, YOU DO!

You'll master the art of leveraging LinkedIn to form valuable relationships that translate into $$$.

Create Your Pitch Strategy and Disrupt Your Industry

"The market is congested, and it's become excessively saturated" This mindset is hurting your business's growth, causing your competitors to pocket all the earnings while you watch from the sidelines.

It's time for you to take center stage.

I'll teach you the game-changing pitch strategy to set yourself apart and lead your industry's evolution.

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Adriane Simpson

Adriane Simpson is the CEO and founder of The LinkedIn Pros, a LinkedIn strategy and transition agency for executives and entrepreneurs who want to transition to more revenue and more income. 


She’s an expert at helping business owners position their brands for greater and helping professional clients secure their next high-paying role.

Recognized for building relationships that transform into long-term partnerships, Adriane Simpson is known as the “Queen of the Warm Handshake” for her ability to help clients define and cultivate their digital brand, while growing their profit through referrals and relationships. 

Coaching and empowering clients to own their successes while leaping over imposter syndrome is her superpower!


Adriane has officially been on LinkedIn since 2009, learning and leveraging strategy that she’s preparing to teach you. Grab 2 of your business besties and register now before the spots are filled up!

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Client Partnerships

Here's What Our Clients Say

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  • How Will the Training Be Delivered?
    During this training, I'll be your guide on an exciting journey where I'll unveil my 5-Step Framework for securing corporate clients on LinkedIn. Upon registering, you'll receive an exclusive Zoom link to access the training session. Additionally, VIP participants will enjoy the added benefits of a bonus VIP Kit and a 1-hour post-training Q&A session with me.
  • Who Should Think Twice about Joining this Training?
    If you think you might not have enough time or resources to implement these LinkedIn strategies yourself and would prefer to let a team of experts handle things, I recommend setting up a discovery call. That way, we can discuss which program works best for your business needs. CLICK HERE to get started.
  • What Sets This Training Apart from Other LinkedIn Programs?
    What distinguishes this training is its dedicated focus on providing you with the insights and strategies required to secure more clients on LinkedIn. If you lean towards a practical, hands-on approach for achieving exceptional outcomes, this program is tailored for you. It offers a one-of-a-kind chance to access the expertise necessary for client acquisition on LinkedIn, and rest assured, what you'll be learning is a tried-and-tested framework that I've successfully used to secure clients.
  • Who Should Attend This Training?
    This training is tailored for entrepreneurs like you who are eager to master the 5 Strategies to secure more corporate clients on LinkedIn. Whether you're setting your sights on landing high-value corporate clients or navigating the LinkedIn landscape feels a bit uncertain, this training is designed to provide the framework you need. If you recognize LinkedIn's potential but aren't quite sure how to leverage it for business growth, you're in the right place.
  • Will There Be a Q&A Session?
    Absolutely! We've set aside a dedicated 1-hour Q&A session exclusively for VIP participants. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into the material and engage directly with me.
  • How Can I Register, and What Are My Options?
    Registering for this training is simple. We offer two options to cater to your preferences. First, there's the General Admission, which is completely free. You can join the training without any cost, but please keep in mind that with a large audience, we might not be able to address every question. ​ The second option is the VIP EXPERIENCE, available for only $37. This premium option grants you access to a dedicated Q&A session, access to the training replay, and your very own VIP Kit, a comprehensive resource package filled with valuable insights and activities to help you solidify your LinkedIn strategy.
  • What Does the VIP EXPERIENCE Include, and How Can I Enroll?
    The VIP EXPERIENCE, priced at just $37, includes access to the training session and the replay, a valuable VIP Kit filled with essential resources and transformative strategies, and an exclusive 1-hour post-training Q&A session with me. To secure this exclusive experience, simply choose the VIP EXPERIENCE during registration. It's your ticket to an enhanced training adventure and a deeper understanding of the strategies that lead to securing more clients on LinkedIn.
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Grab your VIP EXPERIENCE PASS and get access to an EXCLUSIVE 1-hour post-training Q&A Session with Adriane.

Plus, you'll also receive:

👍 VIP Kit: Our guided workbook guarantees you capture every key insight, and it's packed with invaluable resources!

Only $37 for all this value!

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