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(Without Spending a Fortune on Marketing)

Join our waitlist and stay in the loop!

December 19th @ 7 PM ET


Strategies to Get More Clients On LinkedIn!


Join our waitlist and stay in the loop!

Don't miss out on this EXCLUSIVE training opportunity—grab your spot now before registrations close!


Dive into our hands-on training where you'll learn step-by-step how to transform your LinkedIn profile into a client magnet.


We'll walk you through strategies that have helped others just like you connect with top decision-makers and convert those connections into lucrative contracts.


Get ready to become the sought-after expert in your field, making LinkedIn your most powerful tool for business growth.


If you're a coach, consultant, speaker, or entrepreneur offering professional services and find yourself:

❌Frustrated with a limited client base, eager to reach leads with the resources and budget to invest in your services.

❌Missing out on highly qualified leads and potential revenue streams, dealing with prospects who aren't the right fit and can’t afford your services.​

❌Lacking the strategies to effectively target and win over high-paying clients, resulting in wasted effort and missed opportunities.​

❌Putting in time and effort on other platforms but falling short on desired results, struggling and hoping to attract the right clientele.

❌Having trouble proving you're the expert? You know your stuff, but it doesn’t seem like anyone else does.​

❌Confused by what to do and where to start on LinkedIn. It feels more like a mystery than a money-making tool.

❌Bogged down with connections that don’t convert, with online handshakes that aren’t turning into real business.

This training is designed to help you break free from these challenges and guide you towards effective solutions, ensuring your time and efforts result in meaningful, high-paying opportunities.

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The Problem Isn't You; It's Your Approach!

You're dealing with a sales process that just feels like a never-ending uphill battle, making it tough and tiring.

Being overwhelmed by the sales scene has made you hesitant to reach out, creating an intimidating barrier.

Despite spending a lot of money on ads on other social platforms, the intimidation factor has kept you from fully exploring the potential of LinkedIn.

Concerns about being too salesy during the sales process leaves you with disappointing results, and you've experienced the frustration of ending sales calls empty-handed.

Even though your leads have increased, they often aren't decision-makers, resulting in the familiar response of "I'll have to talk to my boss."

The common thread? These challenges are not inherent to you but rather stem from the approach you're currently employing. Join us on December 19th and transform the way you connect, engage, and succeed. Don't miss out—secure your spot today!

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Why Settle for Basic When You Can Go VIP?

General Admission


✅ Access to the Live Training via Zoom

✅ Access to the Live Training via Zoom

✅ Access to the Training Replay

✅ VIP Kit: Guided Workbook for capturing valuable notes. Plus, we've loaded it with Profile Recommendations, ContentStrategy, and LinkedIn Introduction Message Template and more!

✅ Exclusive 1-hour post-training Q&A Session with Adriane



What You'll Learn

Strategy 1


From Job Seeker to Job Creator

Master the Mindset Shift: Turn from Job-Searching Employee to a Job-Creating CEO

Strategy 2

LinkedIn Secrets Unveiled

Unlock the Hidden LinkedIn Strategies Even the Pros Overlook


Strategy 3

Sales Pipeline Mastery

Build a Steady Sales Pipeline for Predictable Monthly Revenue


Strategy 4

Networking with Decision-Makers

Master the Art of Connecting with Decision-Makers Eager for Your Services


Strategy 5

Contacts to Contracts

Transform Your LinkedIn Contacts into Lucrative Contracts


What’s In It For You?

Never Run Out of Leads

Say goodbye to the worry of running out of high-quality leads! With over a billion people on LinkedIn, your ideal audience is just waiting for you. Learn simple strategies to find and connect with them effortlessly.

Happy Bank Account

Secure more contracts and watch your bank account grow! Discover how to sell on LinkedIn without burning cash on ads. It's about making money, not spending it!

Inbox Overflowing with Opportunities

Have meaningful conversations with industry decision-makers. You'll start the chat, and soon your inbox will be buzzing with messages from people interested in working with you!

Be the Go-To Person

Learn how to be the expert everyone relies on. Be the go-to person that people come back to and refer to others in their network.

Freedom from the 9-5 Grind

Break free from being stuck at your desk doing worker bee tasks. With the right effort and a solid strategy, shift from an employee mindset to the boss. Let LinkedIn work its magic for you, even while you sleep!

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Adriane Simpson

Adriane Simpson is the CEO and founder of The LinkedIn Pros, a LinkedIn strategy and transition agency for executives and entrepreneurs who want to transition to more revenue and more income. 


She’s an expert at helping business owners position their brands for greater and helping professional clients secure their next high-paying role.

Recognized for building relationships that transform into long-term partnerships, Adriane Simpson is known as the “Queen of the Warm Handshake” for her ability to help clients define and cultivate their digital brand, while growing their profit through referrals and relationships. 

Coaching and empowering clients to own their successes while leaping over imposter syndrome is her superpower!


Adriane has officially been on LinkedIn since 2009, learning and leveraging strategy that she’s preparing to teach you. Grab 2 of your business besties and register now before the spots are filled up!

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Client Partnerships

Here's What Our Clients Say

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  • How Will the Training Be Delivered?
    During this training, I'll be your guide on an exciting journey where I'll unveil my 5-Step Framework for securing corporate clients on LinkedIn. Upon registering, you'll receive an exclusive Zoom link to access the training session. Additionally, VIP participants will enjoy the added benefits of a bonus VIP Kit and a 1-hour post-training Q&A session with me.
  • Who Should Think Twice about Joining this Training?
    If you think you might not have enough time or resources to implement these LinkedIn strategies yourself and would prefer to let a team of experts handle things, I recommend setting up a discovery call. That way, we can discuss which program works best for your business needs. CLICK HERE to get started.
  • What Sets This Training Apart from Other LinkedIn Programs?
    What distinguishes this training is its dedicated focus on providing you with the insights and strategies required to secure more clients on LinkedIn. If you lean towards a practical, hands-on approach for achieving exceptional outcomes, this program is tailored for you. It offers a one-of-a-kind chance to access the expertise necessary for client acquisition on LinkedIn, and rest assured, what you'll be learning is a tried-and-tested framework that I've successfully used to secure clients.
  • Who Should Attend This Training?
    This training is tailored for entrepreneurs like you who are eager to master the 5 Strategies to secure more corporate clients on LinkedIn. Whether you're setting your sights on landing high-value corporate clients or navigating the LinkedIn landscape feels a bit uncertain, this training is designed to provide the framework you need. If you recognize LinkedIn's potential but aren't quite sure how to leverage it for business growth, you're in the right place.
  • Will There Be a Q&A Session?
    Absolutely! We've set aside a dedicated 1-hour Q&A session exclusively for VIP participants. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into the material and engage directly with me.
  • How Can I Register, and What Are My Options?
    Registering for this training is simple. We offer two options to cater to your preferences. First, there's the General Admission, which is completely free. You can join the training without any cost, but please keep in mind that with a large audience, we might not be able to address every question. ​ The second option is the VIP EXPERIENCE, available for only $37. This premium option grants you access to a dedicated Q&A session, access to the training replay, and your very own VIP Kit, a comprehensive resource package filled with valuable insights and activities to help you solidify your LinkedIn strategy.
  • What Does the VIP EXPERIENCE Include, and How Can I Enroll?
    The VIP EXPERIENCE, priced at just $37, includes access to the training session and the replay, a valuable VIP Kit filled with essential resources and transformative strategies, and an exclusive 1-hour post-training Q&A session with me. To secure this exclusive experience, simply choose the VIP EXPERIENCE during registration. It's your ticket to an enhanced training adventure and a deeper understanding of the strategies that lead to securing more clients on LinkedIn.
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